Our last Belizean adventure was a cave and blue hole expedition. Our first stop was St. Herman cave, a 1/2 mile hike from entrance to exit.

2011 03 19 St Hermans Cave_-1

You climb down a 180 foot long sink hole into the cave, with it’s huge opening and then into the cave you go.

2011 03 19 St Hermans Cave_-52


I have never been on a hike through a cave before and would describe it as dark, rigorous and very tight at times. At one point we turned off our lights to experience true darkness, so dark that you could not see the hand in front of our face.

2011 03 19 St Hermans Cave_-1-2

I laughed when I saw this sign. Wise words.


It was a different experience, and thanks to our head lamps, full of unique rock formation sights and more than a few left over Mayan pots and dishes.

2011 03 19 St Hermans Cave_-17


2011 03 19 St Hermans Cave_-38

After a rigorous hike, climb, scramble and crawl we resurfaced into the jungle canopy and headed over to a blue hole.


You hear a lot about blue holes in Belize, the most famous being the Great Blue Hole – one of the top diving spots in the world. Another type of blue hole are sinkholes that are created when an underground river collapses.  After the long hike, we spent an hour swimming at Blue Hole National park. The water was as you would expect, a beautiful deep blue.

2011 03 19 Blue Hole Park-10

2011 03 19 Blue Hole Park-16

A different day hike.

1 thought on “CAVING AND HOLING

  1. That looked like a fanastic hike, and some good advice on guide. The more I learn about Belize, the more I am excited about one day getting myself down there for an excursion.

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