One of my favourite sights in Belize was a small island in the Half Moon Caye vicinity.  The island (which the locals simply call Bird Island) appears to have no hard land, and looks like a clump of trees rising from the water. And out of those trees swarmed hundreds and hundreds of birds.

2011 03 18 Bird Island


Home to two birds, the Red-footed Booby and the Frigatebird. It happened to be mating season for the Frigatebird, and the males were showing off their magnificent red breasts in hopes of attracting a mate.



Some were luckier than others.


The guides mentioned that the birds have a tough time building nests, as the twigs from the trees are difficult to break off so they must fly significant distances to acquire material … unless a boat and guide were near. He put the nose of the boat near the island, broke off a few twigs and started to throw them in the air causing a flurry of activity as the birds moved to grab the twigs for their nests.



It appeared to be a harmonious relationship between the Bobby and the Frigatebirds, they sat on the branches often side by side.


Which is interesting considering the Frigatebird’s reputation:

Frigatebirds are pelagic piscivores which obtain most of their food on the wing. A small amount of their diet is obtained by robbing other seabirds, a behaviour that has given the family its name, and by snatching seabird chicks. Frigatebirds are seasonally monogamous, and nest colonially. A rough nest is constructed in low trees or on the ground on remote islands. A single egg[citation needed] is laid each breeding season. The duration of parental care in frigatebirds is the longest of any bird.

It was an excellent day out.

2011 03 18 Bird Island-31

2 thoughts on “HALF MOON CAYE

  1. Hey Mike, nice photos…Todd Beblow has a business venture ongoing on Ambergis Caye. He has Segway rentals/tours/boating excursions all on the island. I had visit with him over the Easter weekend in Brooks, he and his wife had just returned from Belize.
    Enjoy my Friend!

  2. Hey Shawn, good for Todd. We never got to that island (although we had a real estate agent bugging us to go there) and it looks beautiful. I would wager the weather is a bit better than what we have been seeing. Good for Todd. Cheers

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