I was speaking with an Entrepreneur on Tuesday about kids. He stated that he is recruiting MBA’s and looks forward to helping guide them through their career. He then stated that he had wished that there had been someone there to guide him through his career after he exited college. Which lead to the conversation on children, the influence that a father has and how to ensure that there is not a barrier created through the ‘advice process’.

Kids seek advice from many people; friends, parents and of course, the often humorously depicted school guidance counsellor or potentially a school psychologist. What does it take to become a school psychologist? I am not sure. After reading this quote in USA Today, it made me wonder about the guidelines for school psychologists in Texas:

He’s a winner in some eyes …..  (Article on Charlie Sheen)

“The dude is awesome” says Milton Crawford, a school psychologist from Texas. “He is the ultimate cool, James Deanish. He is living the lifestyle most of us wish we could. I respect him for standing up for what he feels is right”.

A proud moment for the Texas Association of School Psychologists (TASP) where Milton is a charter member. I wonder if Milton is the guy at the monthly meeting who is always trying to ‘liven things up’, Charlie Sheen style?

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