I have recently added Strategy+Business to my regular reading list (I came across it in the Air Canada lounge). My interest in a magazine is directly correlated to the number of articles that I tear out for future reference, and I tore out quite a few.

I have spoken to a few UK and Canadian friends recently on the transitions that our two countries are going through as the manufacturing footprint changes. In the case of Canada, as the dollar continues to rise, the economic incentive to manufacture in Canada becomes less and less, leading to a potential workforce change. In the article Manufacturing’s Economic Footprint they lay the GDP impact of manufacturing along per capita income offering a very insightful view of the globe. The only thing missing is trend lines. It would be fascinating to take a 20 year view and see where the different plot points have/are trending.


On a separate note, while it is great as a traveller to have such a fantastic dollar, one has to question the central banks policy on holding interest rates.

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