I do not claim to be a big world traveller. I travel more than some, less than others. I have been all through Canada and the US, through many airports in Europe – London, Paris, Barcelona, Munich .. etc. But I do know a good lounge and the Germans have it nailed.

Arriving off the red-eye in Frankfurt I had my customary ‘Camel chuckle’ and headed into the Lufthansa lounge. I love their lounges. While they are crowded, they are decked out with all of the right trappings. The food is fantastic, muesli, fruit smoothies, lots of fruit and a bagel-like bar where they make these wonderful morning concoctions fresh. To top it off, the coffee. Sitting enjoying a espresso with a choice of 10 English language newspapers just seems like a good way to pass the time while I wait for a connection.

The Germans have it right.

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