A great quote from How The Mighty Fall:

The best leaders we’ve studied had a peculiar genius for seeing themselves as not all that important, recognizing the need to build an executive team and to craft a culture based on core values that do not depend upon a single heroic leader. But in cases of decline, we find a more pronounced role for the powerful individual, and not for the better. So, even though I remain a leadership sceptic, the evidence leads me to this sobering conclusion: while no leader can single-handedly build an enduring great company, the wrong leader vested with power can almost single-handily bring a company down.

A sobering thought indeed. I reflect on the greatest leaders that I have worked for and I cannot help but draw that same parallel on humility, how approachable they were and the importance of leadership sacrifice to build that great team. Think Sam and Wal-Mart. Well put.

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