It has been a very busy and exciting week. Our team had the good fortune to have David Allen speak at our kick-off this week as we launched a corporate Getting Things Done program. If you have seen him on the web, you know he is an inspiring speaker – and he didn’t disappoint.

I got ‘back on the wagon’ after the holidays with GTD by doing a mindsweep this week. It is amazing how cathartic a mindsweep is. Doing it, I realized that my categories had started to grow … so I took the time to sweep the categories and get back to the right place and resettled on this list:

  • Business waiting for                      Personal waiting for
  • Business call                                   Personal call
  • Business @computer                    Personal @computer
  • Business @office                            Personal @office            
  • Business strategy                          Personal strategy
  • Business someday                         Personal someday

Some would argue, too many. But I found that mixing work and personal just didn’t work for me. Glad to be back on the wagon (almost – I will finish the rest on the plane).

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