With the TRON sequel out I decided to pull out an old copy of the original 1982 movie. I then applied a lot of persuasion to the family to join me to watch the flick, promising that we could watch 20 minutes and if it is no good, turn it off. They were very hesitant, as we have tried to watch a few movies that I fondly remember from my youth as great movies – only to realize that movies from the 80’s are pretty bad.

About 15 minutes into TRON, my son looked at me and said ‘Dad, this movie stinks’. Unfortunately, he was right. The concept and special effects were revolutionary for the time, but the acting is wooden and the story is pretty bad. I had to laugh at the lead female character, who’s only other notable performance I could recall was in Caddy Shack.

That being said, it was interesting explaining the concept of an arcade to the boys and how it was the ‘consumer’ of my paper route money and every quarter I could scrounge.

At least I got one right this year. The boys loved Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I wonder what they would think about Red Dawn?

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