BANFF – Part I


I am way behind on posting about our summer adventure to my home province, Alberta. It is interesting how living in a country sort of ‘numbs’ you to the wonder of that country or gives you that attitude of ‘I will get there eventually’. I remember my English friends saying ‘I think you have seen more of the UK than I have’.

Which is why we are trying to get out and see Canada. Montreal last year, Banff and Calgary this year.

You land in Calgary and it is a short drive into the Rockies and Banff. It has been a very long time since I have been there (20+ years) and I have to admit, driving into Banff National Park is awe inspiring. It is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

2010 07 Sulphur Mtn Banff  (102 of 105)

2010 07 08 Alberta_-110

The rivers and lakes are the clearest, purest, most vibrant colors I have ever seen, straight from glaciers millions of years old.

2010 07 08 Alberta_-69 

The town of Banff itself is nestled among the mountains with wildlife everywhere. A walk down the path is a lot different than one in the city. A few elk and deer were lazing around in the forest, simply watching the people go by ….

07 2010 Exploring Banff  (7)

Look carefully and you will see the most interesting of trees, with unique natural growth.

07 2010 Exploring Banff  (1)

At the center of town is the Banff park headquarters, a beautiful building built in the 1930’s. I was recently speaking with a fellow who spent many happy years working there. He mentioned that if you go into the archives, you will find journey books from years ago and notes from the park wardens, all carefully maintained. Only recently did they realize that there is a 4th floor in the building .. it had been boarded up. A few other notable highlights are mentioned here.

07 2010 Exploring Banff  (2)

A breathtakingly beautiful town.

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