That is right. The aisles of the local Costco are stuffed to the rafters with junk. Signs adorn the local party store. Yes, it is almost Halloween. Out comes the kitsch. Who will have the coolest smoke machine in the neighbourhood?

Probably not us. Don’t really do the whole ‘decorating’ thing. But I did find a few quality ideas for consideration. The first is from The Onion:

(I also like their idea’s for naming a wireless network and The Moral of the Story).

I am also getting inspiration from Esquire who suggested a way to give your pumpkin a little flair. Take a roll or toilet paper, soak it in kerosene and light well away from everyone as it will shoot a 3 foot flame for 45 minutes.

I will follow that up with some good quality treats, I would wager the advice will be the big hit?

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