Obviously, my previous work life has lead to a very Microsoft centric lifestyle. I did ask the boys if they wanted Apple’s this fall for school (laptops) but they said no, as middle and senior school are all PC. Hey, I tried. Call me enlightened.

That being said, I have been using the Blackberry Torch for the last month or so and I am blown away. I love this device and as the saying goes .. “they will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands”.

I have tried many full screen devices, but I always come back to that keyboard. I need a keyboard. And with the new OS, RIM has finally solved what I would call my ‘big beefs’. A few highlights:

  • Universal search. I always hated having to hit a key or go to a menu. Now, I start typing in a name and it starts sorting through my entire device. Showing me the contact, emails from that person and even a history of our interaction (calendar, calls).
  • Browser. I always found the browsing experience on a non-touch screen device sub standard. With the new browser, touch screen with ‘pinch’ zoom in and zoom out, it is very usable.
  • Design. The keyboard is one of the best on the market, like the 9700 and the width is only a little bit wider than the 9700. It still fits in a shirt pocket.
  • Message sort. I love this feature. It basically takes an email and puts all of the affiliated emails into one single folder – constantly updating. So if an email has 12 replies, they only show up as one email in the inbox. When I click that email, it shows me the entire thread and all 12 emails. Even better yet, I can delete all 12 with one keystroke (which is why I really like it).

Well done RIM. While I have had a few people talk about the GHZ of this device or uber-screen of another, in the end do I really care? Nope. This device is a productivity machine for a business person. Well done.

One thought on “BLACKBERRY TORCH

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