I never did blog about our trip to Florence or Venice. Both remarkable cities. In Florence, we had one of our best dinners of the trip. Somehow, I am not sure how, we were given advice on a restaurant that was well out of the way and a local favourite – I Tarocchi. A small restaurant, with wooden bench seats, very minimal decor and spectacular – home cooked food. They make this pasta dish with pear that is to die for, and their tiramisu was as good as I have ever had. All for 40 Euros, a pleasant change after a few mediocre – tourist restaurants that charged you an arm and a leg.

A few photos of Florence. A craftman’s shop, which looked a lot like how it would have been a hundred years ago.

2009 04 10 Florence-21

The covered bridges of Florence host homes and shops. And are very crowded …

2009 04 10 Florence-89

2009 04 10 Ponte Vecchio Florence_-2

The Boboli Gardens are spectacular. Seems the Italians also have a ‘gift’ or two liberated from Egypt.

2009 04 10 Giardino di Boboli Florence_-14

2009 04 10 Giardino di Boboli Florence_-28

A fresco in one of the garden buildings.

2009 04 10 Giardino di Boboli Florence_-48

I love how Europeans ride their bikes everywhere.

2009 04 11 Florence-54

And no trip in Europe is complete without a beautiful church, and in this case a door – made of gold – depicting scenes from the Bible. In this case, David and Goliath.

2009 04 11 Piazze dell Signoria_-14

I would like to go back to Florence one day. It really isn’t a ‘kid’ trip. Florence is a city made for couples. One day.

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