• This weekend the Globe and Mail shocked me twice. First was the stat that nearly three quarters of Ontario adults are now overweight. The second that nearly 40% of Quebec boys drop out of high school. Other than Tim Horton’s, what jobs exist without at least a high school diploma?
  • The Globe and Mail also made my day when they wrote about the resurgence of Preppy as a fashion trend. At last, a simple fashion style I get. Time to break out that fantastic Boston Trader white cable knit V-neck again. I knew it would come back … only took a few decades and didn’t require my taking up Cricket. I don’t think I will be buying the book they recommend, True Prep – but I do like the catch phrase ‘Wake up Muffy, we’re back!”

True Prep: It's a Whole New Old World

  • I caught wind of a new series on BBC1 – Sherlock thanks to the guilty pleasure that I still check in on during a Saturday morning coffee – the Guardian (think Toronto Star). Two thumbs up to the new TV series, but too bad the British remain fixed on an annual ‘season’ of TV being 6 episodes instead of the North American standard of 22 or 23. Perplexing and very dissatisfying, you just get started and you must wait another year. I guess that is why the BBC is dominated by shows from the US like Heroes. With Sherlock they went a step further … 3 episodes in a season that are 90 minutes each. That is a short season!

The show itself is really well done. Watch a trailer here.A fantastic show and a great interpretation of a modern day Sherlock with Martin Freeman as a brilliant Dr. Watson.

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