Catching up on my HBR reading. The article General McChrystal’s Failure of Followership has an interesting point of view on why the General has failed as a leader in Afghanistan:

The story provides more evidence that McChrystal is not now, as he never was, the kind of a follower you want as a leader. In contrast to the old days, when manly virtues seemed to suffice, in the 21st century this style of leadership will no longer wash. As the delirious reception to Obama’s nomination of General David Petreus to replace McChrystal testifies, what we want now are leaders who can be, simultaneously, followers, commanders who can cooperate and collaborate as skillfully as they can command and control. It’s a lesson as applicable to the boardroom as it is to the battle field — and one better learned before, not after, the fact.

Having just watched the Green Zone, it continues to be clear that this will require the best of leaders.

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