This weekend saw a number of ‘protesters’ in Toronto for the G20. Riots broke out, windows were broken, cars fired. As the Toronto Star put it:

On Saturday afternoon, as TV stations played and replayed images of anarchists torching a police car at the iconic intersection of King and Bay Sts., the mayor noted he had spent the week trumpeting Toronto’s story to international journalists — a financially stable, diverse and vibrant city.

“Does today send signals about Toronto that I wish weren’t sent?” Miller said. “Yes, absolutely, but the underlying facts about are city are still there.”

As it was going on Saturday night my son asked me:

‘What are they protesting?"’

I did a web search. We watched the news. We could find nothing. So I responded ‘I don’t know’.

So these ‘protestors’ did not get a message out. Why? Because they are a bunch of hooligans, who will justify their destructive actions on their anarchist, anti-government approach where the ‘cause justifies the means’. But in the end, nothing was accomplished – they sent no message of value.

The only message that I took away from the whole thing is that we should lock them all up, that they are simply hooligans who do not respect others and that hopefully no Police were hurt while apprehending them.

Besides, this is Canada. We don’t do that kind of thing here.

So much for the ‘cause’ …. common thugs.

Update: Check out 25 amazing photos of the event here.

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