I experienced good old fashioned selling a few weeks ago from the Culligan rep, as we bought a soft water system. I was an easy sell, I knew I wanted Culligan (this would be my third purchase) and it was simply a matter of picking which one and working through the details.

The rep did a good job of walking through the steps, and as this is an industry that seems quite stable and without change, their sales model was pretty by the book. A binder, with his sales materials and good old fashioned reference letters from happy clients.

And when I received my final bill from them in the mail, it had a form asking me to reference them to another client with the offer of free bags of salt for the reference.

Good old fashioned selling, that worked.


  1. …whereas I experienced the complete opposite yesterday trying to get a blackberry for my daugher at a Rogers store…which explains my third Bell cellphone in the house!

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