On the Lapa Rios website it talks about the beach and the fact that it is not a highlight .. in other words, you are not going there to hang out at a beach cabana. On our first day (they did not warn us), we went down late in the day (it is a hard 10 minute walk – as Lapa Rios is on the top of a hill) and arrived at high tide.

2010 03 18 21 37 Costa Rica_

The waves were random, it would appear calm like this and then a big one would come in. The ground was rocky and the boys took a bit of a beating (falling in the surf lead to a few significant scratches). I personally didn’t like the power of the surf and the under tow.

2010 March 16 On the beach_-4

2010 March 16 On the beach_-19

So in the end, we spent the time walking the beach and found a few coconuts. I was convinced to go to work on one and after 15 very long minutes, finally broke it open where we tried the coconut milk and the meat. A definite first.

2010 March 16 On the beach_-26

Over the next few days, we learned that the best time to hit the beach is during low tide. It is the time when the boys took a surf lesson (very cool) and where we joined the guide for a starfish hunt. During low tide, the beach is very welcoming with little crabs everywhere.

2010 March 16 On the beach_-23

2010 March 16 On the beach_-25

You also get to see what lays under the aggressive surf. Wear shoes.

2010 March 18 starfish hunting_-20

Amazing to see the camouflage. Spot the crab.

2010 March 18 starfish hunting_-26

We spent a few hours hunting for starfish. Simply lift a rock and your would find 10.

2010 March 18 starfish hunting_-7

The resort is a way up the hill.

2010 March 18 starfish hunting_-16

In the end, they should have mentioned low tide. Once we found that out, the beach took on a whole new level of enjoyment.

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