We arrived at our destination in Costa Rica after a long journey – the ecolodge Lapa Rios. The statement on the website says it all:

We have no Internet or phone access on the Lapa Rios property. In fact, we don’t even play music at dinner! Instead, we ask that you listen to the sounds of the jungle at night, the crickets, the cicadas and the kinkajous.

All this is very intentional. Lapa Rios is in a wilderness setting 12 miles from the office communication center. We aim to take full advantage of this isolation to concentrate on the peace and wilderness experience that can be appreciated. Communication between the office and the hotel is by marine radio for emergencies. We have several trips daily by car between the two locations to transport faxes or messages. To make a personal telephone call it would be necessary to take a 45 minute taxi ride to the office.

After your stay at Lapa Rios, you will thank us for not providing internet nor phone service.  It’s a feeling we all need to experience more often.  Disconnect and decompress!!

2010 March 22 Monkeys_-80

Set on 1,000 acres in the remote south with a beach below and a view of the ocean … the adventure began. They welcome you with fruit drinks, the sounds of the jungle surround you and for as far as you can see .. it is ocean or jungle. And with no communications, it seemed very remote.

2010 03 16 00 22 Costa Rica_

2010 03 16 13 38 Costa Rica_

2010 03 16 14 18 Costa Rica_

2010 03 19 13 10 Costa Rica_

2010 March 16 Around Lapa Rios_-7

2010 March 16 Around Lapa Rios_

2010 March 16 Around Lapa Rios_-4

In the main dining area there is a staircase to a viewing platform 15 meters up – which gives you this view of the jungle.

2010 March 16 View from the top_-2

Our first close up jungle inhabitant was this Golden Orb spider and his/her friends. We passed them every day.

2010 March 16 More golden orb spiders-3

2010 March 17 Golden Orb_

We headed to the pool for a swim before dinner. I noticed these fellows hanging out. It explains why in 10 days we saw a grand total of 3 mosquitoes.

2010 03 16 15 53 Costa Rica_

And so we started to settle in.

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