In my last note on Wentworth and UK golfing I commented on the history of the UK courses versus the grand, sweeping vistas of Ontario golf courses. I left out one thing. Here is Wentworth in March (which is the same for January and February):

2008 03 18 2008 March Wentworth-9

2008 03 18 2008 March Wentworth 

Note my attire. A fleece.

2008 03 18 2008 March Wentworth-6

Here is a super grand Ontario golf course during the same period. From the 1st hole tee. I think I can make it over the water.

01 10 10 Tobagganing_-18 

What a beautiful par 3.

01 10 10 Tobagganing_-40

01 10 10 Tobagganing_-26

So UK golf does have one small advantage ….

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