Eric Schmidt was a keynote at WMC and during his presentation the team demonstrated the new Google Goggles product. The product takes a photo and using recognition software, will do a web search. For his presentation, they took a few landmarks in Barcelona and executed the web search.


The next step was the big wow. The product has integrated Google’s translation software and OCR capabilities. He took a photo of a menu that was in German, it brought up the Google translation page and with a touch of a button converted the menu from German to English.

“Right now this technology only works for German-to-English translations and it’s not yet ready for prime time. However, it shows a lot of promise for what the future might hold. Soon your phone will be able to translate signs, posters and other foreign text instantly into your language. Eventually, we’re hoping to build a version of Google Goggles that can translate between all of the 52 languages currently supported by Google Translate — bringing even more information to you on the go. “ mentioned Hartmut Neven on the company’s blog.

That was WOW.

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