The Vatican contains every type of art imaginable. On the floors of the ‘Round Room’ are Roman mosaics from bath houses like the one below from the Baths of Otricoli. It is a huge mosaic and you walk around the edges (feels wrong to walk on any part of it).

2009 04 Vatican Baths of Otricoli_

As you walk, you are bombarded by beauty. Look to the side and you see priceless works of art. Look above you and you see either jaw dropping architecture or a stunning roof.

2009 04 09 The Vatican-51

2009 04 09 The Vatican-55

2009 04 09 The Vatican-64

Down one hall are a host of baby sculptures, a way for parents to remember children who passed on too early in life.

2009 04 09 The Vatican-60

Why these parents wanted their son remembered wrestling a goose is beyond me, there must be a story there.

2009 04 09 The Vatican-61

So much to see.

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