One of the things I have been doing is finally catching up on all those un-edited photo’s from our crazy last couple months in England. One morning while I was in the middle of the transition back to Canada and the boys were at school, we did the Windsor long walk. It was a dreary day, misty and drizzling, but energizing.

Our plan was simple, do the long walk in Windsor Great Park, have a hearty British breakfast and then return via the long walk:

The Long Walk runs south from Windsor Castle for a distance of 3 miles (5km) to the 1829 Copper Horse statue of King George III atop Snow Hill where there are impressive views of the castle. The actual distances of the Long Walk are 800 metres South from the Long Walk Gate near Windsor Castle, intersected by Albert Road, and then a further 2600 metres of surfaced path to the Copper Horse statue. Other equestrian statues in the park include one of the Prince Consort, to the west of the Polo grounds, and one of the present Queen near the Village.



The deer were everywhere, there must be hundreds if not a couple thousand in the herd. While you could not pet them, they didn’t actually run:



Makes for a nice walk. Especially when you come out of the mist, and there is Windsor castle. Cool place.

4 thoughts on “WINDSOR LONG WALK

  1. you should thank that you weren’t in Cairngorms, Scotland. There the young bucks charge at you to test your nerve or negotiation skills or something..!!

  2. I was up there last year, but was not charged – thankfully. It would be funny to see you running through the mountains, buck chasing after … LOL Cheers

  3. I’m enjoying reading you blogs, both personal and professional. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of your travels. It gives me an opportunity to see things that I havent and appreciate them on a more personal level from someon I know. Your time overseas must have been a wonderful experience for the family.

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