Another beautiful weekend in Ontario (I do love the sun). A friend told me that the UK is having a heat wave – which was something that we never experienced. I love the UK weather, but a tan was not in the cards. While enjoying the sun, a few things came to mind:

  • I have a new lawn. Being male, I have a chromosome that drives me to have a nice – weed free – green lawn. All males have it. In Ontario, weed killer is now banned and the previous owner was able to deny is internal drive to keep his lawn weed free. This means that the dentist on the left of me has a really nice lawn, the people on the right have a really nice lawn and I have dandelions. Now, I think dandelions and thistles are quite pretty in a country setting. But as part of my lawn, they are irritating. I have an old weed picking tool from Lee Valley Tools that is calling out to me. But I wish that I had not given away the contents of my old tool shed … it was full of ‘labour free’ tools to eliminate weeds.
  • Amazon was one of my favourite sites in the UK. Because the retail experience was so painful, I did everything I could to buy online. The latest addition to the Amazon site was DRM free MP3s. I love DRM free. DRM bugs me on all levels. I should not have to pay for a song and then be unable to use it on all my computers or devices. Amazon in Canada does not have DRM free. In fact, other than going to the much loathed iTunes, it does not appear that anyone has DRM free. And the record companies wonder why people download the music for free?
  • WIRED had an article on the new Terminator movie recently (appears to be a must rent). In it, McG (director) talked about how he made everyone read the Pulitzer Prize winning book ‘The Road’ to get a real feel for what it would be like in a post nuclear world. The book follows a father and son as they trek across the wasteland on their way to the coast. Very ‘Mad Max’, only grimmer – much grimmer. I read the book Saturday night and did not sleep well. What was most disturbing about the book is that it felt so real – everything in it made me think ‘Yep, this is absolutely what it could be like’. Personally, if it comes to that, count me out.

Very appreciative of that fact that I only have to worry about weeds in the lawn.


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