It seems like everywhere we go and everything we read is focused on one thing – the negative state of the economy. Unfortunately, negativity sells. It goes back to what one of my favourite mentors would often said:

‘Make 1 person happy and they will tell 5 people, make one person unhappy and they will tell 250’.

We all face different times with new challenges. As leaders, one of the best leadership articles that I have read over the past months is only a couple paragraphs in March issue of HBR titled Performance Incentives for Tough Times. In the end, it is all about managers recognizing great performance:

Abundant evidence indicates that employee behaviour is a function of its consequences. People do what brings praise and avoid what doesn’t. And good performance will probably decline unless it’s acknowledged.

Leaders need to remember, people leave managers, not companies.

I also enjoyed the article Learning from Heroes:

Like Hercules, Luke Skywalker, and Jack Welch, we all struggle with five recurring challenges as we journey through work and life: We wander without knowing where we’re going. Data and circumstances confuse us. Fear blocks us from acting. Change paralyzes us. And despite our best intentions, we talk more than we listen.

An examination of business writing from the past 30 years shows that these challenges emerge again and again—and the best books offer simple yet profound lessons for overcoming them: Find a clear purpose. Be aware that past experience and a mass of information can interfere with wise decisions. Maintain a bias toward action. Be open to change. Seek feedback.

Feel the force Luke. It is quite simple …..

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