I have commented on the British Health Care system before. Quite enlightened. While it is as slow as the Canadian system, it does not have some of the silly rigour that yields no value. For instance, if you go into a hospital here you don’t have to show ID, they just take care of you.

In what I can actually call a genuine surprise, we received a survey on the weekend asking us to comment on our Doctor. Amazing. Our doctor here (who caters to ex-pats) is great, but we do find that the it is not as ‘modern’ and the hierarchical element (i.e. I am the Doctor, don’t question) seems to be alive and well.

Of course, I have yet to meet a truly bad Doctor (smile).


  1. You are right Gary, unlike youself – grown amongst the sheep in the whelsh hinterland – fed sheeps milk, cheese and a little beer to grow ’em’ hardy. Any tips to stay healthy from you appreciated – other than ‘drink more pints’ (smile)

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