I am not a fan of eCards. For some reason, when I receive one, I am instantly left with a feeling that it is ‘too easy’. To send an eCard with a generic greeting lacks personalization and the fact that it can be done so easily (i.e. mass email) means I put low value on the card. Maybe it is because I get so much email – it just gets lost in the noise.

That all changed recently, when my wife came across the cool web application Smilebox. The service allows you to choose from hundreds of card templates, upload pictures and videos and custom music (choose from their 2,000 songs or upload your own – like Barenaked Ladies Jingle Bells (smile)) to build a truly customized card. You then send the card out and people enjoy a fully animated, custom experience. Pretty cool.

The service has a robust reporting function (LOL). It took me about 4 hours to do our first every eChristmas card due to fiddling, changing templates, choosing photos, playing with it. I am sure the next will be more efficient.

Very cool. I even paid them $30 to subscribe.

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