We closed out our day in Luxor and headed to the airport to head to Sharm el Sheik, on the Red Sea, for some R&R.

We stayed at the Hyatt  in 2 attached family rooms (versus the Four Seasons which was a single room for the same price). In retrospect, if we were going back we would go to the Four Seasons and take a smaller room for the same money – the experience in Cairo was that good.

Personally, I loved the weather. It was 80 the majority of the time – not too hot. BUT, it was not hot enough for others and I can understand that. One of the things that was very obvious at the resort was the Russian wealth. You could spot them, they were the ones with very big logo wear and lots of gold. In conversation with a Brit, he made the following observation:

‘It is like the UK years ago, we came into a lot of wealth after a long period of no wealth and went on a spending spree – showing that wealth’

Russia is now No. 2 in the world for billionaires. New wealth indeed.

The hotel was beautiful with an 80′ water slide, a lazy river pool with waterfalls and pretty good service. But the highlight was the snorkelling, the Red Sea is known for their diving and right off the beach was a coral garden which was beautiful. A few photos below.

A great way to end the trip.

2008 04 01 636 Egypt

2008 04 01 637 Egypt

2008 03 30 625 Egypt

I bought an underwater camera case for our point and shoot, it worked amazing (great for videos also). A $200 investment I will not regret. I also upgraded all of our snorkelling gear at the dive shop, another good investment.

You swam along the shallow coral from the beach and then it would drop off …

2008 03 31 Red Sea at the Beach  (8)

2008 03 28 Red Sea Sharm  (24)

Truly amazing to snorkel with the family.

2008 03 28 Red Sea Sharm  (18)

There were hundreds of fish and they would simply swim beside you.

2008 03 28 Red Sea Sharm  (24)

2008 03 28 Red Sea Sharm  (26)

2008 03 31 Red Sea at the Beach  (5)

2008 03 31 Red Sea at the Beach  (10)

A few videos from the Canon point and shoot below. I love the movie facility on these cameras, use it all the time. 

And so concludes our Egypt trip. My only recommendation, if you can do it, go. Travelling to Egypt is the opportunity of a lifetime.

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