As we flew out of Cairo I was struck by the Nile. A few pictures of the area around the Nile and the areas in between make it really clear – the Nile means life in Egypt.

2008 03 24 218 Egypt

There is nothing where there is no water .. nothing.

2008 03 24 205 Egypt

2008 03 25 228 Egypt

Turns out that in the Luxor area, agriculture remains a staple industry – focused on sugar and fruit. What was interesting to me was the clash of modern and ancient. Donkeys pulling carts while Russian tractors blew down the road.

2008 03 25 236 Egypt

I had to laugh when I saw the Belarus tractor. My dad and Uncle use to sell those tractors. The Russians desperately needed cash so they started exporting these tractors prior to the end of the cold war. They are what you expect – cheap, simple and a solid workhorse.

2008 03 25 237 Egypt

The other way to move produce.

2008 03 25 235 Egypt

The odd shaped train cars caught my attention. Turns out that when Egypt was occupied by the British they built a railway to move sugar cane.

2008 03 25 232 Egypt

As a diversion, we took a trip to a banana plantation to do something other than a history trip.  It allowed us to sail down the Nile on a beautiful day. Unfortunately for the 2 sailors, there was no wind and they had to work incredibly hard for 2 hours to get us to the plantation – which should have taken a half hour by sail.

2008 03 25 18 Canon Camera_ 2008 03 25 26 Canon Camera_

We stopped to watch this fellow. He is making mud bricks by hand (or to be accurate, by feed). A different world.

2008 03 25 34 Canon Camera_

The plantation’s oven.

2008 03 25 39 Canon Camera_

My son took this picture, sunset on the Nile.

2008 03 25 53 Canon Camera_

2008 03 25 74 Canon Camera_

A beautiful evening.


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