I continue to marvel at the weather in Britain. While it is much wetter in the north – southern UK is spectacular. The Brits love to talk about the weather, other people like to talk about how crappy UK weather is and I remain perplexed.

For example, last weekend we went out as a foursome and spent the afternoon golfing. It was spectacular – 14 and sunny. Granted, a little cold as the sun dropped down but still – we were golfing in January.

According to this site, London is one of the driest cities in Europe and the city with the least variance in weather:

10 driest cities Avg annual precipitation in inches

1. Athens, Greece 14.82007 Jan Natural History Museum  (2)

2. Madrid, Spain 18.0

3. Prague, Czech Republic 18.8

4. Stockholm, Sweden 21.7

5. Berlin, Germany 23.1

6. London, England 23.3

7. Paris, France 23.8

8. Helsinki, Finland 24.9

9. Vienna, Austria 25.3

10. Copenhagen, Denmark 25.4

The wettest city in Europe? Zurich with 42 inches.

The family starts tennis lessons next week. I honestly do not know what they are talking about when they complain, not a snow bound 100 car pile up to be found!

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