The time it took me to get a printer working on a Apple over Christmas.

The problem? The Apple required me to install multiple files to function and the driver did not sense that one of the ink wells was depleted. Reinstall. What is this file? Well install it too. Still not working? Where is the frigging print center on this thing? So many big logos .. so little functionality. Why do things keep popping up and down and bouncing? Making me nauseous and unleashes a strange desire to return to kindergarten.

I plugged it into my handy dandy Lenovo laptop – downloaded 1 file and realized what was wrong in a grand total of … (insert drum role) … no more than 5 minutes.

It goes both ways oh ye Apple bigots. Oh yah .. and this is a gamer family. We have 4 kick butt PCs with big processors and video cards sporting a minimum of 512MB RAM. Although I will admit I used to LOVE Swashbuckler on the Apple IIe. Left key, left key, SPACE BAR, left key, left key, SPACE BAR …

The swashbuckler in combat.   The title screen from Swashbuckler.

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