I hung out the ‘I am not around’ tile on the blog, my email and voicemail this week as my wife and I had the good fortune to attend a corporate event in Bora Bora. I had the good fortune to win a leadership award thanks to the great work of the Canadian team that I was part of last year (Thanks so much to them, they are all amazing people who have had a huge impact on me).

The only word that fits the trip is insane. Why? Because it was the trip of extremes:

Insane travel: Take a look on the map, Bora Bora (Near Tahiti) is pretty much on the exact other side of the world from the UK. As my wife pointed out ‘Why did you win this just as we moved 8 hours away from the spot?’


To get there: Roughly 2 days 

  • First leg: 11 hours to Los Angeles. Our plane was delayed in London, so we missed out connector delaying us an additional 6 hours after a 3 hour delay.

  • Second leg: 8 hours 30 minutes to Tahiti. Sleep over night.

  • Third leg: 45 minute inter-island flight to Bora Bora.

  • Fourth leg: 30 minute boat ride to the resort.

To get back: Roughly 2 days and 2 red-eyes and 1 delay of 3 hours.

  • Reverse the above and add a 9 hour lay over in LA including 2 red-eye flights.

This truly is one of the most remote locations in the world.

Insanely beautiful. Insanely breathtaking. Insanely awe inspiring. Insanely interesting: The pictures below say it all – it may be the most painful place to get to in the world, but I left forever marked by a beauty that no picture can ever do justice to.        It truly is the most beautiful place I have ever been.

The main island towers above all.


Fish of every color ..


A Bora Bora sunset …. it happens so fast and takes your breathe away.


The hotel’s private island.


More to come on this topic (smile)

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