A few things I have learned about the UK in the last couple weeks ….

  • Read here on why the British are forming mobile kill squads to take out gray squirrels.
  • A Horray Henry was described to me as someone who has come from the ‘upper class’ and acts as such down at the yacht club but then walks out to the car park and drives away in his 1982 Subaru. Formal definition:

hearty young British upper-class man: a young upper-class man who wears conservative clothes and behaves and speaks in a loud, extrovert manner.

  • Gazumping is the process where a bid is put in on a house and the contract is not binding until the very last day and the seller can accept a higher offer. It costs people in the UK a fortune each year. In the end, it comes up to the integrity of the seller as the law is not built to protect the buyer:

The verb "gazump" means to refuse to formalise a sale agreement at the last minute in order to accept a higher offer. The word is thought by some people to have come from the Yiddish word gazumph meaning to swindle or overcharge, which became gangster slang in the 1920s.

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