I love listening to the British, Irish, Welsh and others who live in jolly old England. One of the things I learned from sales is the concept of being an anthropologist, as said by Peter Drucker:    

"Be maniacal about managing relationships – you are the business anthropologist. Brilliant network relationship management is not an accident. It is not catch it as it comes. Football analogies are cute, but deep relationships and understanding of the politics pay for private school"

So every conversation is a new one, full of nuance and learning. But, there are two common phrases I cannot use (so far):


  • Mate: A term of endearment, not unlike calling someone a ‘buddy’. For me, this word is a verb, not a noun.
  • Toilet: People in the UK don’t call it a bathroom or a washroom. It is toilet. No, I point out, that is but one of the items in there. There is a sink, urinal and a few other things. Plus, it just sounds crude. They find that funny. I am trying to adopt the word ‘loo’ but have been informed that using that term is girly (LOL).   

I am sure there will be more. As an aside, they drink their beer cold. I have yet to drink a warm beer. I have acquired a taste for Guinness, more of a meal than a drink.



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