I have a few friends who are Mac enthusiasts. It cracks me up .. the passion. The culture of ‘I love everything Mac’ .. blah blah.

I hate my wife’s iPOD (Yes, it is a strong word, but the right word). It is closed. Proprietary. I can’t use anything but iTunes. I detest it.

Well, for all you Mac guys, here is a great video of Steve Jobs and his screw ups. Guess Bill isn’t the only victim .. I love the game video, that is the Mac experience I expect.  I know, the horror! No one is allowed to make fun of Steve .. string him up! Apple never crashes! No never! Well .. maybe some times but we don’t want to talk about that. After all, the world through rose coloured glasses …. Watch my favorite Apple parody onYouTube.

A great Bill Gates video  to add on …

I think the best PC ads in the market are still the Apple ads .. hats off to their creative company. Touche .. LOL.

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