the handicap system: the best form of cheating out there

I have said this before, I think the handicap rule during non-tournament play is just sanctioned cheating. I was in the BMO golfathon on Friday and had the opportunity to play with an LPGA pro. During our play we start talking about the handicap system and she mentioned that it drove her nuts. To paraphrase, nothing drives her crazier than during a normal round having someone screw up a hole, shoot a 10 and turn to her and say ‘My handicap only lets me take a double, put me down for a 6’. Her point, if you take a 10, suck it up and take a 10.
I cannot agree more. I think that the application of the handicap rules during non-tournament play breaks the spirit of the system. The system is meant to level set the field during tournament play so that every golfer, regardless of skill level, has a chance to win the tournament. Not so that during a Friday afternoon round a golfer who has just had a crappy hole can take a 6 instead of their earned 10.
The reason why my handicap is up 2 points this year? Because when I shoot a 10, I take a 10. I wonder how many other golfers out there would see their handicap rise if they were not putting a six on their card?
I would rather see someone take a mulligan and call it out as a ‘cheaters par’. At least they are acknowledging it.

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