I was in a electronics store the other day and they had a plasma TV hooked up to 2 DVD players. The screen was ‘cut in half’ as a visual advertisement. On the left side was a DVD player that used Monster HD cables, on the right side was a DVD player that did not. ‘Wow’ I said to myself ‘that is a huge difference, too big a difference …’

I looked behind the Plasma and the ‘not using Monster cables’ was connected to the DVD with a regular RCA cable.

Standing beside me was a saleperson, ‘What a crock’ I said ‘Of course it is going to look different, HD cables versus a single silver plated RCA cable. That is like putting a 400 horsepower engine versus a lawnmower engine and saying ‘see, because that engine is made by Porsche, it is way faster”.

The saleperson looked at me, shrugged and said ‘I never set it up’. He then walked away. I wonder how many people had the same reaction I did, thought ‘Wow, I spent 4K on that HD TV, I need those cables’ and bought?

Something that salespeople need to think about. The world is full of people like this, who make the words Caveat emptor reality. It is all about building trusts and remaining worthy of that trust.

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