I am going to do a better job of not sweating the small stuff.
An example, I consolidated all of my back-ups onto a single 250GB drive over the holidays. Was going to clean it up. Then, I formatted that drive by accident. Luckily, the most important data was also on a USB drive (My pictures (There are 7000+ over 12 years), My Videos and My Music (60GB worth) (WHEW). I only lost about 60 pictures of importance.
On that drive? Lots of documents, school projects and corporate records. As I later stated ‘Can’t really remember what was on there, so I am alright’. The corporate docs are also in paper copy.
Now, how did I do this? Not sure .. well, I am. I was a) digitizing an 8MM video on one computer (I am almost done bringing all 8MM video to WMV format so we can watch them on our Medica Center)  b) fighting Rommell in the desert on another (XBOX 360 Call of Duty 2 .. amazing) c) it was late (1AM) and d) I randomly decided to reimage a machine with the factory default. I just fired the recover DVD in and did not think that it would mistake the primary drive for a secondary drive (It did) ….
When I realized what had happened the next day (It also did a bit level format) I freaked out a bit … And my amazing wife was gracious enough to be there for me and not point out that this stuff happens to me more often than naught (Review blog below .. the Christmas tree stories).
But, about 30 minutes later I realized .. who cares. Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

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