Another small tip from one of my first mentors: I do not say ‘Good luck’, I say ‘Good fortune’.

One cannot control his or her luck (I personally do not believe that luck exists), but one can control his or her fortune. Simply take control, make your own world and control your destiny. God may know my destiny, it may be part of a greater plan, but I was given ‘free will’ to make my own choices and my own fortune.

An anecdote: A XEROX sales rep won rep of the month, again. This rep had a very long track record of success. As the award was announced the district manager introduced the winner with the following statement “Wow, what a surprise. Lucky for the 60th month in a row, our rep of the quarter is …”

Make your fortune. People will be amazed at how ‘lucky’ you have become.

1 thought on “I DON’T BELIEVE IN LUCK

  1. The wise man knows that Luck happens when Preparation meets Opportunity… but he also remains approachable, acquiescent and greatful, should Luck choose to shine it’s light upon him…

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