WHY NEW LEADERS FAIL (from the archive)

Development Dimensions International surveyed 944 human resources professionals on why internally promoted leaders failed. Here are the results for consideration:
  • Poor people skills: 53%
  • Personal qualities (style, attitude, habits): 53%
  • Poor fit with company culture: 44%
  • Couldn’t get results: 43%
  • Don’t have the skills to do the job: 36%
  • Poor strategic or visionary skills: 33%
  • Poor motivational fit with the job: 27%
  • Inadequate preparation: 22%
  • Lack of experience (Not ready for the position): 21%
  • Unrealistic expectations for the job: 18%
  • Other: 7%

For those who would like to be promoted, here is a checklist of ‘leadership potential’ indicators:

  • Motivation to lead: Has upward ambition, actively pursues leadership opportunities. (I read this as willing to go beyond current role – be a leader in other areas – stretch targets)
  • Authenticity: Is genuine and true, has integrity, promotes trust and is confident.
  • Brings out the best in people: Optimizes talent, inspires performance, unties others to common goals.
  • Learning agility: Learns from mistakes, learns new information, is curious.
  • Receptivity to feedback: Seeks and uses feedback, accepts criticism and is humble.
  • Adaptability: Accepts change, adjusts quickly and balances many demands.
  • Conceptual thinking: Thinks broadly, sees many perspectives and understands connections.
  • Navigates ambiguity: Simplifies complex situations and sees in shades of grey.
  • Cultural fit: Has personal style or qualities that fit with the company culture.
  • Passion for results: Gets things done, overcomes problems and refuses to give up.
 A very interesting article. I think I will use this list as a check list as I interview.

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