I know that all 2 of you are wondering – what did they decide on the golf lessons? If you are wondering what I am talking about – check out my previous blog May 01.

Well, just so happens that my wife and I were out on the range a few weeks ago and she watched our club pro give a lesson. It was all feel and these little tid bits – and that locked it. We went to Virtually Perfect Golf.

She had her first lesson last week – and loved it – the entire lesson was on video (Of course, being the geek I am, I converted the VHS into a Windows Media file so that she could watch it on our Media Center (connected through the XBOX to the TV) or on her Pocket PC. It wire framed her swing and she is making progress. If you are looking for real improvement – either P3Pro or Virtually Perfect (They resell them all over – ask your pro if he uses it! I heard Leadbetter is interested in it).

A friend bought the P3Pro last year – and what an impact. His nasty big mother slice is gone (I still kicked his butt .. well, I kicked his butt the first game, he kicked mine the second).

Of interest, while at our club yesterday someone asked her (Insert astonishment): What, you are not going to Kevin? (our local pro). Personally, I now think of it like this: I could go to a mechanic who has the ‘knack’ for fixing cars or the one who has invested in that handy dandy computer to augment his ‘knack’.


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