My wife is started golfing last year. I truly am the luckiest guy on the planet – she is smart, beautiful, a great partner, a great mom and .. loves to golf!

This year, she is going to take lesson – in a programmatic way – so that she can progress through the year (Something I did a few years ago when I started golfing). What I have come to realize is that these pros are not all good teachers. You go to them and they use the ball flight and their eye to see what you are doing. But how do they really know? How do they know if I am too far inside to out, or if my club is 5 degrees to open? The reality – they can’t – until now. With the help of the computer and video – they can slow it down and instead of working with you through a program of trial and error (the common approach – “hey try this”) they can programmatically help you improve with data support.

So, we will not be wasting our money with a “pro” that does not use the technology at hand to eliminate the guess work.

Some great technologies to check out:



I used Virtually Perfect and a few short lessons took me down to a 14 handicap (I even shot an 80 last year from the blues).

My opinion: In the very early stages the pro can help with stance, alignment and swing mechanics. But as you advance, a pro can’t fix what he/she can’t see.

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