Like I said, I am not sure if this blog thing is for me (Golfing season is upon us and a big time consumer). Of interest – appears I had 1 hit yesterday and even a comment!

That comment provides the blog note for day 2. A piece of advice that was given to me when I first started in sales has always stuck with me (Or maybe it was from Swim with the Sharks or some other sales book?)

When you interview for a job – as a key question: What does the top salesrep make? And if that dollar value is not what you want out of life when at the peak of your performance, move on.

When I first started, I was desperate for that first job – I sold corrugated cardboard (triple wall) and other packaging material. Hey, it paid the bills and even $24,000 seemed like a good start then. After a couple months of grinding away, I asked the “top” rep that question (He was an ex hockey player – even made it to the NHL for a few games). He said that he works hard, long hours and topped out at $45,000.

2 months later, I had a job where the top rep was making $200K. Life is about goals, and if I achieve achieve the corporate goals – I wanted the $200K pay out, not the $45K.

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