Over the coming month (August), my blogging will be sporadic as there is so much going on this summer between work and home (which is fantastic). I also have the good fortune of the boys really starting to enjoy golf this summer (they played 9 almost every day last week), so I get the opportunity to really bring the game back after that 4 year hiatus. I do love golf …

I am just finishing pictures from Banff. It is the first time the family has been to the province of my youth, Alberta. What is there to say about Alberta and the Rockies? It is the most beautiful place I have ever been. Glad that we are finally exploring our home country.

2010 07 08 Alberta_-110

2010 07 08 Alberta_-101

2010 07 08 Alberta_-69

And of course, who ever wants to be inside with an Ontario summer like this? Feels like it is perpetually 32C with sunny as the wonderful Ontario norm, lots of Vitamin D to go around. After all, according to Statscan 2 in 3 Canadians do not get enough Vitamin D from the sun each year. I wonder how much of that is from too much sunscreen to compensate for the fact that many of us 40 year olds grew up with no sunscreen and are overcompensating?


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