I was reading through an article on a new company that is entering a mature Canadian market last week. In the article, the CEO made the point that of the five companies trying to enter the mature market, only one would survive. And in a telling statement, he was quoted as follows:

“I know I’m going to be that one”.

What a curious use of the word “I”. I know the impression it left on me.

To this day, I clearly remember how I learned the “I” lesson six years ago. There was a new incoming President and I had a 1:1 with him to walk him through the status of the business I was managing. After the 1:1, I was given this piece of feedback:

                “Michael used the word “I” to much”.

“I” have never forgotten that. I was crushed, but “I” was very self conscious of the word from then on. A great lesson. It sounds trite, over used … a cliché, but there is no “I” in team. As a mentor once taught me:

“Focus on the success of your team and the people working with your team and your success is a forgone conclusion”

Remember “WE”.

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