I have been travelling a lot over the last month and one of the biggest challenges is food – doing client dinners and lunches and breakfasts can be threatening, thanks to crossing 40. It also does not help that I have a personal goal of stopping in a DQ in every province (Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario and Alberta complete).

Frank Bruni has some great advice:

  1. Don’t fast beforehand: If you prep for a big meal by avoiding food all day, you’ll eat madly and mindlessly, your hunger and sense of sacrifice egging you on.
  2. Pace your alcohol: If you start right in with two martinis, you’ll lose perspective and restraint. Enjoy a cocktail or two–but gradually, as the meal progresses.
  3. Lose the breadbasket: Indulge for 10 minutes, max, and then have the basket removed. If it’s there, you’ll reach for it without thinking. If it’s not, you won’t miss it.
  4. Take inventory: You don’t need to eat everything. If the food is great and you’re not full yet, have some more. But if the food’s disappointing, stop scarfing it down.
  5. Share a dessert: It’s a kindness to your wallet as well as your waistline. You’ll still enjoy your sweet fix. And as sacrifices go, it’s not a huge one. (Don’t know about this one … let’s share a dessert mr.client …. how about don’t order or don’t finish it).


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