The time the sun rises in Tokyo. For some unknown reason Japan does not believe in daylight savings time. In Japan’s semi-tropical climate, no black-out blind every made can stop that UV 14 sun.

2014 04 17 Tokyo sunrise_

I wake up very early every day. I guess there are worse things in the world than sitting on the deck and enjoying a cappuccino to this sunrise.

2014 04 17 Tokyo sunrise_-4


  1. Very nice colors on both pics! Thank you!

  2. >For some unknown reason Japan does not believe in daylight savings time.

    I’m glad Japan doesn’t change the clocks every summer and winter! Daylight Savings Time is definitely something I don’t miss from America!

  3. The sun wakes me up every morning around this time. You’re definitely right about curtains not being able to block it out. I think Japan did try out daylight savings, but they quit after about four years because they thought it was bad for their health.

  4. It’s easier to get up for work in the morning when it’s not dark out!

    • Tokyo5, that is very true. Although I have not slept past 545am on a weekend morning in quite a while …

      • Really? Unless my alarm clock rings, I don’t get up no matter how bright it is outside.
        (But, as I said, even when my alarm does ring, it’s difficult to get up if it’s still dark out!)

        Another reason that I’m glad Japan doesn’t follow “Daylight Savings Time”…re-setting all of my clocks and watches twice a year would be a pain!

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