For the Mt. Batur part of our Bali trip we did not hike the volcano (another time), but we had lunch at the base. It is a beautiful sight.

The view from the restaurant.

2013 03 24 Mt Batur_-33

Glad we didn’t hike it. We would have gotten soaked. A storm was on the way in.




The rain hit just was we stopped for fruit at this stand.

2013 03 24 Mt Batur_-45

The colors were spectacular, even under a very grey and growing black sky.

2013 03 24 Mt Batur_-46

2013 03 24 Mt Batur_-50


2013 03 24 Mt Batur_-53

If you are in Bali, make sure that you try all of the different fruits. Some will surprise you and you probably won’t see them again.


  1. Such colorful and beautiful images.

  2. Reblogged this on vienaqui and commented:
    Beautiful post..excellent pics

  3. Thanks. It is a beautiful place. Would love to hike it.

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