A store in Tokyo is filled with unique finds .. most in Japanese and indecipherable to the gaijin.

Condensed milk in a tube. Purchased to make a Vietnamese coffee at home.

condensed milk

An individually wrapped prune goes well with your Cream Collon (tube cookies with a creamy center). You can’t make this stuff up.


I was speaking with someone about how healthy Japan is. But a fellow in pharmaceuticals said that the cholesterol and diabetes drug markets are growing rapidly in Tokyo. This is why; the only thing I will eat in McDonalds is an egg mcmuffin but I won’t eat that. Obesity on a bun. Hey McDonalds, “Big Canadian” could go there too (unfortunately).


In Tokyo there are safety men everywhere. I mean everywhere, with their hands waving to ensure you don’t crash into a truck or workmen or any of 1,000 other things going on near the roads.

But automation is on the way …. A bit hard to see, but the LED safety patrolman.


A butcher skinning something on the street. What is it? No idea, but he had a big crowd.


You never know what you will see next.

Update: adding one more. Sitting in the doctors office I saw an add for this brand of baby diapers.



  1. that’s right… lol.
    Condensed milk to top your strawberries with, that megamuffin looks a bad way. and yea, the automation (people? traffic things?) sometimes are a bit ridiculous! lol

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