I make this post as a public service, from one person who could not find answers to the “System Filling” error on a Jura super-automatic.

Weeks ago my Jura C9 displayed the message “Change filter”, prompting me to put in a new Claris filter. I am not sure if I missed a step or did it wrong, but all of a sudden I kept getting the error message “Press Rinse” followed by the message “System Filling” and nothing happening. Over and over and over and the terrible loud grinding noise making me cringe (and I stood there envisioning a pump burning out).

Searching the message boards delivered few clear results and no action. The feedback from the Jura helpline in Switzerland was to do the following:

  • Fill your water tank with hot water (not boiling) and press the rinse button a few times. That may have worked if there was an air bubble in the line.
  • The way to prevent air bubbles with the Claris filter is by emptying the water, putting in the new filter, refilling the water and going through the filter rinse cycle.

In my case, no joy. I tried to call Canada help (because there is no Jura dealer in Japan) but each time I was too late (Jura closes at 5PM in Canada, 6AM in Tokyo). Very frustrating. So I emailed them and a technician emailed me back suggesting I call in. I explained my time zone issue and he did the amazing, he sent me his cell phone and said he would help me after hours. We talked at length and he helped me solve my problem.

Now, for those of you who have a depot nearby, I would probably not do this. I would take it in for service as it required opening the machine.

But if you are stuck like me (No depots in Tokyo), then chances are if you have this problem and a Claris filter installed, some carbon came loose and jammed the tiny little micro-filter inside your machine. Here is how you fix it:

First – pop the side off your Jura. This is what mine looks like – looking at the right side.


Looking at the side panel in the bottom left there is a pump. It looks like this.


Pull the little metal clip out and pull the plastic pipe out. Next, the “cream” coloured piece where you removed the pin from needs to be removed. You do this by “unscrewing” it from the white piece which goes into the boiler.

Below is what it looks like with the cream piece removed.


Now take that little piece with the micro filter and attach it to a compressor and blow it out. Trying to do this manually will not work (i.e. blowing in it). I had to drive to a gas station and use their compressor to truly get the bits out as my compressor is in my father-in-laws garage.

Then simply reinsert. Turn on the machine and the boiler should prime and you are good. Once confirmed, put the sides back on. I have had 2 Juras and used filters in both with this never happening. Hopefully it never happens again.

To avoid it in the future, empty the water container first, put in your new Claris filter, add water and then turn on the machine (in other words – follow instructions) and pray that random carbon chunks do not leak out.

Hopefully this helps someone.


  1. Thank you!!!! Yes this helped me tremendously. I don’t even use filters but somehow some crud got in there and was stopping up the works.

  2. also if I succeed to remove it where do I blow the air in? in the part that goes in the white piece attached to the boiler or the part where the water line goes in? Your help answering both questions is highly appreciated!! Thanks.

    • A few things. First of all when I did this I had a Jura technician on the call with me. I would recommend that. If I had a choice, I would not have done this on my own, I would have paid the $50-100 and them do it. But I am in Japan.

      As I say in the post – you do not unscrew it. It is a pin that you pull out and then piece comes apart.

      You blow the air through the yellowish looking piece. That is what was clogged for me. But you will need to use a compressor and be careful.

      I would call them … and this simply helps illustrate what they are telling you

  3. Um – yes, yes you do. here is your quote: Pull the little metal clip out and pull the plastic pipe out. Next, the “cream” coloured piece where you removed the pin from needs to be removed. You do this by “unscrewing” it from the white piece which goes into the boiler.

    In answer to marilou’s other question, you would blow back from the boiler side towards the hose connection, as the crud needs to come out the way it came in – from the hose.

  4. Thank you and God bless you!!! Just by rinsing the machine with hot water did the trick. I just changed the filter recently and could not think might be at fault, until it hit me one night. I googled “system fill” and found your help. You have made my husband a happy man.

  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. Worked immediately using the “hot water” tip and avoided a potentially costly repair bill…. and, more importantly, we still have our fantastic Jura coffee on demand.

  6. The machine was caught in a perpetual system filling mode. The wife called support and they had her do a number of things. One was to remove the Clearyl filter and cycle warm water through the machine. Nothing worked. I came home and tried all the same things … nothing worked. I then ready your story. I tried hot water. It worked. Put the filter back in and it failed mid-cycle. Then the Clean alert came on … very dirty water. Then we used a new filter, installing it according to directions. It asked us to run the filter rinse cycle twice. It now seems to be working properly. If there are problems, we will report back!

    • Annoying isn’t it Michael? I had this happen to me AGAIN – 3rd time with this unit – fortunately I am back in North America and they fixed it for free. Turns out they are having this problem with the micro-filter. I no longer use their filters – as they are the cause for this I believe – as there are little black flecks (The Jura filters are charcoal). After explaining this is time number 3, they did it at no cost (This is also my 3rd Jura – and have had the most problems with it).

      I have RO water with a re-mineralizer on it also, so do not need it. But very frustrating!

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