This applies to male 11 year olds.

1. Acquire several XBOX 360s (Video store – $40 for a week each) and hook them up to monitors, TVs or projectors.

2. Acquire copies of Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3 ($5 each to rent).

3. Link them through your router and system link.

Let rip. Works every time, although 12 – 11 year old boys can be surprisingly loud. And it is sad to admit, but they can finally beat me …. I knew the day would come.



  1. You gave a certificate 18 game to your 11yr old??

  2. Hey John. Ratings are a guide – and in my opinion, not to be trusted. In today’s day and age, many non-technically skilled parents rely on the gov’t to indicate what their kids can and cannot do. For me, I review (read) and often play it before giving it to them. In this case, you can block the graphic cut scenes.We still have not (nor will we) allowed certain games in the house (Grand Theft Auto being one). For our family, the boys find movies way more negative than games.In the end, it is about taking responsibility and being involved. Last night I sat beside them while they played and watched.

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